Thursday, April 02, 2009


Buddy that too much information for ya!!!

Buddy has been feeling pretty crummy and his thyroid levels are OK so who knows the reason not a Vet that's for sure. So I went on line to do some research and came up with mineral oil. Buddy has been getting a shot of that for a few days and it seems to be taking effect...............let's hope it continues.

We tried a lot of things like sardines packed in oil, canned pumpkin, milk, even metamucil............nothing.

It seems our beloved cat of fourteen years has a form of arthritis in his spine and pushing down where it shouldn't. Mineral oil is just making it easier for the evil one. And he has a better attitude also. So keep Buddy in your prayers and stay tuna'd.


Moon said...

I can't remember, what saint is in charge of cats?

Tell Buddy-cat to try fig newtons, that always does it for me.

Bee said...

How did I miss this exciting news?! It is certainly not too much information. I've been worried about His Buddiness and am glad to hear that he's better.