Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I knew it would be a tough nut but holy crap!!!!

Holy crap is right..........the Realtors came thru looked, liked, praised and even asked Norm if he would like to do some work for them NOT!!!! We're moving won't have time yada yada yada.
Well here we sit a month later and not even the tiniest of a bite - not even a frickin nibble.
So here we sit and nuttin happening. Hey it could be worse!!!!! At Least we are in a good position where we don't have to sell and move on. I sure there are lot's a folks that are in a postion of an employment move have a house here and bought a house in the new location and now have tw mortgages I feel for those folks I really do. Well that is not us and I thank the dear Lord for that.

Let me leave you with some staggering statistics...................

Right now in our county on the Soutwestern coast of Florida the are approx 9000 (nine thousand) homes for sale.

In January 2005 948 homes SOLD.

In January 2006 327 homes SOLD

stay tuna'd............................

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