Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I shall rise to the Cioppino Challenge


Seems the above blogger, who also happens to be my favorite niece, posted a photo of a food item that she seems to think is quite a tasty dish. (see photo)

Cioppino happens to be one of my favorites as well. Made it a lot when we lived in the 'Keys' because of the abundance of fresh fish. Living in an area now where there is not a fresh fish market to be had. And we are still in this god forsaken state of Florida but on the Southwestern coast near the Gulf. Now I'm not saying Publix (our local market) doesn't have a fine selection of fresh fish. I'm just used to good fresh fish to make my tasy, yummy cioppino.

So it seems the above blogger/niece has challenged this writer/aunt to a cioppino cookoff.

Weel I am up for the challenge. The date of said "Cioppino Cookoff" shall remain open at this time as I am still living in this godforsaken state!!!! (someone please buy our house)

Once the house is sold we will be moving closer to the Cioppino challenger/niece......so it will make it easier to stage the cookoff.

so stay tuna'd...............................

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