Tuesday, February 27, 2007

12 step program for pack rats

I suppose there is a support group for pack rats, heck why not there is one for everything else. As you have probably surmised we are in that stage of the move.

It starts out with "honey do you want to keep this?" to "are you sure you want to keep this?, to "No way you're not keeping that are you?". We are beginning to sound like the Bickersons. Having lived in this particular house near four years, I am totally in awe of what we have accumulated. Many items will be going to GoodWill, Salvation Army, the Church and Habitat for Humanity. I have turned over a new leaf and will no longer collect schtuff, WTH do we need it for. If you haven't touched it in a year, Good Lord man give it away to someone who can.

Here's the deal, what we are preparing for now and deciding what to keep and what to toss. After that decision is agreed upon then all will be packed up and moved to AZ where said schtuff we think we need will remain in storage till a house is built. And that house will be built in between many visits to CA for family fun and frolic. Several visits to Canada for friends and folic. And somewhere in there will be a trip to Alaska. I know what your thinking, Doodles in Alaska I'm not seeing it. Ya see I'm still trying to talk Mary into starting out on the trip with Norm and I'll pick it up half way thru. Don't think Mary's buying it, but she does like Alaska.

24 more sleeps till...stay tuna'd...

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Might I bore you with this?!?

Ya see we have this house that we just got a contract on after a bazillion months of the blasted thing being on the market. And I'm really funny about count down clocks. I love doing that....maybe because Dick Clark, New Year's, I don't know.

So I'm gonna bore you to tears with my count down to closing on the house. BUT I am going to do it a bit differently. My friend, who happens to be on a driving adventure around the USA, told me of a clever countdown which she did for her trip countdown.

stay tuna'd ....................... 26 sleeps till the closing.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Washing D.C. must have a school for dopes

Go read my sister's blog of the men and women of the war and then tell me why.

I am becoming more dismayed (another word for totally pissed off) as the days go by. Tell me why we have to read and hear about the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Outpatient Clinic. The Army is going to conduct an investigation because they read about this mess in the Washington Post. Good Lord man how can y'all look at yourselves in the mirror each morning. There was one dope (General) that said he jogs, jogs around this building just about everyday. Well good for you General because the majority of the patients in that building are amputees and can't jog. Ya never went inside?!?! We have a severe problem with our system folks and we just cannot allow this to continue...stay tuna'd...

Monday, February 19, 2007

Well hell I'm feeling a LOT better!!!

Norm and I finally have a solid contract of the sale of our house. There are many adjectives to describe how we feel BUT ecstatic certainly is one that comes to mind.

So now the real tombstone tumbleweed journey begins. I have a feeling that real retirement is just around the corner, if you call building a new house in an area that we have never lived in before. Well that's no exactly true Norm was based out of Tucson when in the USAF and I lived in Phoenix a gazillion years ago for about a year.

Actually we are going back to the scene of the crime so to speak, we were married thirty six years ago in Tombstone, AZ. Nothing conventional about us as you probably already know.

So get ready for a few travel blogs and travel photos because that is what we are going to do, bore y'all to tears with a travelouge.

But most of all I am happier than I can even imgaine to be moving closer to my sister and brother-in-law, my niece and newphew-in-law, my dear friend, Daddy's wife Mary. We have lived on opposite coasts for way too many years and it is with great delirious anticipation that we will be almost in the same time zone.

So as I have said from my very first blog, stay tuna'd...

Saturday, February 17, 2007

and how smart are you???

This is exactly how I felt this morning when I woke to frost on the ground and I still feel like crap - damn sinus.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

Every dog deserves a loving home

How true that is. And that's what the Pedigree Dog Food Company says........while they put their money where their mouth is.

Go to their web site http://www.pedigree.com/home.asp make a donation to the American Humane Association and the Pedigree Company will match each donation. This is being done in conjunction with the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show taking place in New York City tonite and tomorrow nite.

Good Luck to all the dogs and their owners and handlers participating in this wonderful event.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

An omen of sorts...

Well this little guy greeted me this a.m. when going out to get the newspaper. I'm calling him my lucky frog cause our momma had lots of frogs scattered around her home and yes all of them were of the glass or ceramic variety.

So maybe this little guy will bring us good luck to our open house to be held today.

I had gone to the nursery to see what was available and I came upon this jade plant. Discovered when I got it home that I didn't have the proper soil to transplant it to a different pot suitable for hanging. So I just plopped it on the hook. Don't know if I brought the lucky little guy home or not..cause I am imagining driving and this frog jumping out from the plant and distracting me from my driving...holy crap. But maybe he is a local neighborhood frog and we just had yet to meet. If so how the hell did ya get up in that plant.
Just hope he dosen't attack any visitors today...stay tuna'd

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Front page news...

So my sweet adorable husband is reading me the newspaper this a.m., the headline in particular. No It's not the senior discount it's the fact that Mr Bush is going to cut health AND education!!! In one fell swoop, the nerve of some peoples children, how dare he. What must he think when he lays his little pointy head down on his pillow at nite. And where oh where will it end???

Now I want y'all to know that the look on Buddy "the cat" face is one of disgust and annoyance OK!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Holy Colts!!!

Please do not say that Coach Tony Dungy, of the Indianapolis Colts, was the first African American to win the 2007 Super Bowl, please say that the coach with the most class won the Super Bowl. Cause it would be so very true.

How many Coaches do you know would stop in the midst of a media frenzy, in the rain, reomove his hat and stop to hug and kiss his wife.

Congratulations to the Colt's and all of their many fans. And to those who doubted Peyton Manning........nanananana!!!

Oh yeah, can ya just imagine how Archie Manning is feeling this morning, his son Peyton is going to DisneyWorld........in his new Cadillac that he won as the games MVP. note to GM as Peyton was the MVP winner, ya should have given him a Colts blue Cadillac instead of the red one!!!